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Steve Vaitonis
Steve Vaitonis Lake County Authorfest

Retired after more than 35 years working in research libraries for major health care companies working for non-profit organizations, Steven Vaitonis, who writes as Papa V, enjoys writing fiction for his seven grandchildren and other youngsters to enjoy. He is the author of Edison, the Christmas Elf and the Imperfect Perfect Toy and Vanished.

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Jeffrey Westhoff
Young Adult
Jeffrey Westhoff 2016 Lake County Authorfest

Jeffrey Westhoff is a veteran journalist and 25-year film critic based in Chicago's northwest suburbs. His first book, the YA spy thriller, The Boy Who Knew Too Much, reflects his teenage years as an ardent James Bond fan. He continues his love of spy stories with the tale of a teen secret agent in training in the anthology, Young Adventurers: Heroes, Explorers & Swashbucklers.

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