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Joyce Burns Zeiss
Joyce Burns Zeiss 2018 Lake County Authorfest

Joyce Burns Zeiss is a retired junior high school teacher whose experiences resettling a Cambodian refugee family in 1979 and her trips to work in refugee camps in Africa fueled her interest in the plight of the refugee. Her first novel, Out of the Dragon’s Mouth (Flux, 2015) is based on the true-life experiences of a Vietnamese boat person. She lives with her husband in Evanston, IL.

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Betty Davis
Betty Davis 2018 Lake County Authorfest

Betty Davis, is blessed with her talent for writing with such vivid detail that makes her adventure series so successful. She writes the story in such a way that you can actually feel as if you are part of the story. Adults and children alike enjoy reading her books while being engaged in the story and learning about our world at the same time. Betty has been empowering children to become strong readers and writers for over twenty years by teaching them to read using phonics. She is an avid reader and encourages her students to be as well. She is a graduate of Roosevelt University with a degree in Sociology and Psychology. Her happiest moments is spending time with her husband, five grandchildren, and promoting literacy throughout the community in which she lives. Below are some reviews from others who has the opportunity to read The Worldly Adventures of Nicholaas series