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Jean-Michel Smith
Science Fiction and Non-Fiction
Jean-Michel Smith Lake County Authorfest

Jean-Michel Smith pursued degrees in physics and engineering, ultimately graduating with a degree in Computer Science from the University of Illinois College of Engineering. His essays on free culture and collaborative endeavor appear in LOGS: micro-fondements d’emancipation sociale et artistique. His published works include his science fiction novel, Autonomy, and his popular base-60 numerical system S3: The Smith Sexigesimal System—Using Base-60 to Increase Arithmetic Intelligence.

Visit his website: HERE

T. M. Williams
Historical Fantasy
T.M. Williams 2018 Lake County Authorfest

T. M. Williams has an avid love for History, Mythology, and Religion. He has combined them together to present Historical Fantasy where the world in play is our world, and the powers that be are supernatural. He has placed a unique spin on how a fantasy writer views real history and anthropology and asks, “What if?” He is the author of the Ouranic Histories: Echo and the Malachim series as well as a blog that continues to expand the Ouranic Histories world.

You can follow T. M. Williams at