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Sherry D. Johnson

Sherry D. Johnson earlier years began in Vernon Hills, IL, graduating from nearby Hawthorn School, and then onto Libertyville High. Divorced, she moved to Florida in 1983, where she has resided for the last 35 years, raised her three children, and enjoys her three wonderful grandchildren.

Passionate about her writing and, with a driven need to tell this particular story, ‘America’s New Order,’ by SD Johnson is the first novel in the compelling series that tells the story of one man’s obsessive need to control the US. Interesting fact, this 7-year journey began in August 2011, and the day of the books beginning, is August 14, 2018, ending in December 2037.

Barbara Morbidoni
Cookbooks and Short Stories
Caroline Mertens 2018 Lake County Authorfest

Barbara Morbidoni was born and raised in Chicago and currently lives in the far north suburb of Grayslake. With a degree in writing, she worked at an advertising agency and a film studio as well as writing a weekly column for the Lerner Press Newspapers. She has previously had two astrology books published, Zodiantics an astrology handbook, and Stars And Stoves an astrological cookbook, which has just been revised and expanded. Recently written companions to Stars and Stoves are two booklets, La Dolce Vita – easy Italian sweets and Let Them Eat Cake – classic cakes that our mothers made. In 2015 she published Three On A Match, a collection of three very different types of stories, one of which is currently being produced as a one act play. In 2016 she published Four Leaf Clover, which contains two murder mysteries, but with very interesting twists.