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Sue Myers
Sue Myers Lake County Authorfest

After retiring from a long career as a L & D and NICU RN, Sue Myers went from birthing babies to dead bodies. To Sue, this seemed like a logical progression. When she is not killing people, just on paper of course, she can be found in her garden or quilting. Her husband often wonders what’s in the mulch pile. Sue and her husband, Gene, live in Mundelein, IL, with their cats and a backyard full of wildlife. Deception is the first in her Claire O’Shaunessy Mystery Series. Revenge, the second book in the series, was released June 11, 2017.

Georgian Prochaska
Georgian Prochaska Lake County Authorfest

Georgann Prochaska grew up in the suburbs of Chicago, studied literature at Illinois State University, and taught high school students until she retired. Her love of mysteries led her to writing. She is a member of the Barrington Writers Workshop and has a mystery series. The Case of the Girl Who Didn't Smile, the first in the Snoopypuss series, was named one of ten finalists of the 2015 Lascaux Prize. The second mystery involves slobber with Audrey the bloodhound: The Case of the Hound Who Didn't Stay. The Case of the Ex Who Plotted Revenge is the third mystery. The fourth mystery was released in May: Murder Comes To The Vineyard.