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CJ Warrant
Paranormal, Dark Romantic Suspense and Thrillers
CJ Warrent Lake County Authorfest

CJ Warrant is an Award Winning Author for paranormal, dark romantic suspense and thrillers. A lover of coffee, chocolate and anything that is sexy, but not in that order. She’s a wife and a loving mother of three who loves to bake when not writing or reading in her spare time. Her stories stir in dark plots with addictive flawed characters you will fall in love with.

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Jerry Peterson
Crime Novels
Jerry A Peterson Lake County Authorfest

Janesville, Wisconsin, resident Jerry Peterson writes crime novels and short stories set in Kansas, Tennessee, and Wisconsin. He’s published 15 novels and short story collections, most under his own imprint. Before becoming a writer, Peterson taught speech, English and theater in Wisconsin high schools, then worked in communications for farm organizations for a decade in Wisconsin, Michigan, Kansas, and Colorado. He followed that with a decade as a reporter, photographer, and editor for newspapers in Colorado, West Virginia, Virginia, and Tennessee.

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