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Trisha Daab
Trisha Daab Lake County Authorfest

The Not-So Evil Stepmother, aka Trisha Daab, is the proud mom/bonus mom of five incredible Disney-loving kids. The Not-So-Evil Stepmother in the Most Magical Place on Earth is her first book. A second book on Disney World food is in the works!

You can get updates on book two and see photos of the Not-So Evil Stepmotherā€™s Disney Wedding, Disney at Christmas, Disney food, and more Disney love by following her on Instagram @notsoevil_disneystepmom or on Facebook @authorTrishaDaab

Randy Rossi
Randy Rossi Lake County Authorfest

Randall C. Rossi retired as the group president of an international company that was named a world-class company by British Standards Organization, named one of the Top Ten Plants in the USA by Industry Week magazine, and named a finalist for the prestigious Shingo Award while on his watch. He has traveled extensively for decades all over the US, Europe, and Asia for business and pleasure exposing him to a wide range of cultures. For fun he has hunted from the Arctic Circle to the Rocky Mountains and the swamps of Savannah for fifty years and hassailed and dived in blue waters all around the world. He is now dedicated to sharing his business experience through consulting, charity work, and his love of sailing and traveling with his wife Evelyn.