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Grayslake Art Alliance

The Grayslake Arts Alliance

The Grayslake Arts Alliance is a vibrant group of more than 100 local artists who are dedicated to bringing the arts to their community.

With a mission of promoting the arts through education, participation and development, the arts alliance has produced several successful fine art shows, developed a public arts education program and knitted together partnerships with important civic groups including the Chamber of Commerce, 46 Foundation, the Grayslake Farmers Market, the Village of Grayslake, and the Grayslake Heritage Center.

The group's long-term goal is to create an arts center.

More information about the Grayslake Arts Alliance is available on the group's public facebook page: HERE

Membership is available through the group's website: HERE

The Gardiner Jazz Combo

The Gardiner Jazz Combo

The Gardiner Jazz Combo, led by trumpet player Juliette Gardiner, is a jazz group of students from the Lake County area. They play a variety of jazz and funk tunes at different venues, and can be reached for scheduling at:

For booking information click HERE