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Here for the Summer

Here for the Summer

Here for the Summer is a 6 piece Jazz collective that has been together since May 2015. Since its inception the band has been able to play for the Lake County Fair, Taste of Wisconsin and toured through the Illinois/Iowa Quad Cities to promote their first EP "Intersections".

Andre Rivera - Booking and information - 847-276 - 5558

Daltons Cakes Inc.
Daltons Cakes inc. Grayslake

Daltons Cakes, Inc.

Daltons Cakes makes custom Cakes and Cookies. Their Store front can seat 60 people and customers can enjoy pulled coffee, tea and Ice drinks. They have a meeting area which can be reserved. Parties ( Cupcake decorating ) or Cookie decorating!)

970 Harris Rd
Ste 2A
Grayslake, IL 60030

(847) 223-2344

Visit their facebook page: HERE